Nurses, Technicians & Assistants

Aloha StaffEvelyn R. Martinez, CVA

Certified Veterinary Assistant Evelyn Martinez joined the team at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital in 2013. Evelyn is responsible for monitoring patients while they're under anesthesia, administering medications, assisting during examinations, and assisting our veterinarians whenever needed.

"We work as a family/team, it's a well-oiled machine," she says. "Sometimes there are no words exchanged, but we know what each other needs."

A sports fan, Evelyn spends her spare time playing softball, biking, or watching games on television. She has a 13-year-old Poodle named Sierra.

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Aloha StaffAshley Holtz, CVT, CCRVN

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Nurse Ashley Holtz joined our team in May of 2012. With Associate's degrees in both Veterinary Technology and Sports Medicine, she has a passion for pet rehabilitation and serves as a rehabilitation technician.

"I also enjoy seeing new procedures and learning about new pets, diseases, and surgeries," she says. "We are all always learning something exciting and new! We are inspired to find our passion in our field and encouraged to become specialized, boarded, certified, licensed, or registered to make Aloha an even more exceptional hospital for our clients."

Ashley is a consultant for Bayer's Animal Sciences department and a former Paw Pals and VITAS Hospice evaluator. Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her children and family, bake, trail ride with ATVs, shoot at the range for sport, run, and stay fit. Her pet family includes two dogs, a Doberman named Boss and a Chow mix named Lobo, and three cats named Cori, Oliver and Eva.

Aloha StaffAriel Kuhns, CST

Ariel Kuhns joined Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital in August of 2014. She has more than a decade of experience in the animal care field, and is certified as a Surgery Technician by Eastern Florida State College. Her responsibilities include prepping for and assisting with surgeries and monitoring hospitalized patients.

"I love working here because (Dr. Pepen) is very family-oriented and is always interested in our continuing education," she says. "I also love how much we offer for our patients."

Outside of work, Ariel enjoys supporting the Miami Dolphins by attending their games, hitting the water to kayak or boat with her family, and spending time with family friends. She has an American Bulldog, Dakota; a Dachshund, Optimus Prime; and a cat, Baby Kitty.

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Aloha StaffMelody Basye-Allgaier, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician Melody Basye-Allgaier's primary passion in life is her love for animals. She has been a devoted member of our team since joining the staff at Aloha in September of 1994. Some of her responsibilities at our animal hospital include performing diagnostic tests on blood work, taking X-rays, monitoring post-surgery patients, reviewing home care prior to discharge, and equipment sterilization. Melody finds all aspects of her position equally gratifying and has a special interest in cytology.

"I am very proud to work with Aloha in that we do not turn any people away, especially those in need," she says. "It is that sincere compassion that best represents who we are."

Melody donates to various animal foundations and homes and adopts kittens when she can. Melody spends as much time as she can with her grandchildren, and even recently acquired two hermit crabs for them named Cupcake and Spidey. At home Melody has two rescued pets of her own: a six-year-old mixed breed dog named Snickers and a cat named Maui. In her free time Melody enjoys working in the garden and her kitchen.

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Aloha StaffColleen Gardner, CVT

Collen Gardner is a night certified veterinary technician at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital. She's responsible for treating, monitoring and being there for patients overnight. Colleen enjoys getting to spend extra time with the animals to make them feel comfortable. She holds an associate's degree in veterinary technology from Eastern Florida State College. Colleen joined our hospital in January 2016.

She says, "The entire staff at Aloha is amazing, especially the doctors. They are here around the clock and truly care about every patient no matter the situation."

At home, Colleen has a 1-year-old tabby cat named Paisley. She enjoys reading, painting, traveling and going to Disney.

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Aloha StaffBritney Frulio, Veterinary Assistant

Britney Frulio joined the team at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital in January 2016. As a Veterinary Assistant, she is responsible for running diagnostics, blood work, monitoring patients during surgery, and treating and nursing hospitalized patients. Britney holds an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree, and a certification from an accredited veterinary technician program. Her favorite part of working in the animal-care field is cytology.

“Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital does everything they can for their clients and patients,” Britney says. “They go above and beyond to ensure the best customer service and they truly love what they do at this hospital.”

At home, Britney has a 5-year-old beagle/hound mix named Rusty that she adopted from a nearby animal shelter. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, spending time at the beach, going out on her boat and fishing.

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Aloha StaffMark Kulesa, CVA

Certified Veterinary Assistant Mark Kulesa started at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital in July 2016. He has been working in the animal care field for over five years. Mark's job responsibilities include helping doctors to make sure they have everything they need and taking care of the hospital's clients and pets. His favorite part of his job is interacting with people and helping their pets. Mark's wonderful and witty sense of humor, along with his big heart for anything with fur or feathers or scales, helps makes clients and patients happy.

Mark earned his associate's degree from Eastern Florida State College. He's currently working on his Certified Veterinary Technician certificate from St. Petersburg College. Mark says, "I love the amount of exotic pets that come here. Everyone has everyone's back here and we help one another. It's a great work environment."

At home, Mark has a 5-year-old Scottish terrier named Barney, an 8-year-old toy poodle named Laura, and a 2-year-old cat named Tony Stark. He spends his free time restoring classic cars, riding his Harley, reading comic books and playing video games.

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Aloha StaffShelley Mesaros, Team Lead, Veterinary Assistant

Shelley works at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital as a full-time Team Lead and Veterinary Assistant. She is responsible for patient care, drawing blood, getting medical history, running lab work, taking x-rays, CTs, and educating pet owners. Before working with us, Shelley also worked at an open play, cage free boarding and training facility. She also has a BS in Biomedicine.

As Team Lead, Shelley thrives in a fast-paced environment. At home, Shelley is a pet parent to her 13-year-old Pomeranian named Toby, a 7-year-old small mix named Moose, a 4-year-old golden retriever named Fisher, and 2 male 4-year-old chameleons. In her free time, Shelley likes to work out, stay active, go fishing, go to the beach, craft, and plan events.

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Aloha StaffWaldemar Clemente, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Waldemar Clemente is responsible for ensuring that the animals entering Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital receive the best care and attention possible. The part of his job that Waldemar enjoys best is taking good care of animals and aiding in their recovery. He offers a unique knowledge and attitude to Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, bringing an open-minded approach to learning new practices in the veterinary field.

Waldemar possesses an Associate degree in Veterinary Technician. He also holds a veterinary technician certificate, and is happy to be able to practice his knowledge in the great state of Florida.

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Aloha StaffMichelle Treu, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician Michelle Treu helps assist our talented group of veterinarians including surgery and dental procedures, triage patients, and takes vitals. Michelle also helps run lab work, treats and administers medications for patients, conducts radiographs, and establishes an open line of client communication.

The part of her job that Michelle finds most enjoyable and rewarding is being able to see a sick pet that the hospital has cared for go home healthy. She loves to aid in the healing process and loves phlebotomy. Michelle can always be found with a smile on her face and a happy attitude.

Michelle possesses an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg college. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family.

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Aloha StaffGabby, CVA

As a full time member of our staff since November of 2017, Gabby has proven herself to be a valuable asset to Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital. Gabby originally joined our team as a Receptionist, but she has worked her way up to a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Some of Gabby’s responsibilities include taking care of our patients, monitoring anesthesia, assisting with exam room visits, obtaining patient vitals, preparing medications, and answering phones. Greeting our clients and their pets to make them feel as comfortable as possible, especially in stressful situations, is what Gabby enjoys most about her position here at Aloha Pet & Bird HospitalEach day Gabby brings a positive attitude with a unique sense of humor to work, making her a joy to be around.

“Even if you have a bad day, it’s really not that bad when you work at a place that does everything they can to save lives,” Gabby says. “I feel like not many places go above and beyond for their clients, staff, and patients. I’m lucky to be working at one of the few that do.”

In addition to being a CVA, Gabby is also a Certified Medical Assistant, and loves having a profession involving animals. At home, she has two dogs, Costa, a lab, and Hank, a German Shorthaired Pointer. In her downtime, Gabby enjoys going fishing, kayaking, scalloping, and anything else involving the water.

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Aloha StaffBobby Stec, CVT

Bobby Stec joined the Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital team as a full-time Certified Veterinary Technician in June of 2018. Two unique attributes that Bobby brings to Aloha and its clients is his lightheartedness and his experiences in emergency veterinary services. Some of Bobby’s responsibilities include taking care of our patients, monitoring anesthesia, assisting with exam room visits, obtaining patient vitals, preparing medications, and answering phones. The aspect of his job that Bobby finds most pleasurable is being able to assist in surgery and administering anesthesia protocol.

“I like the fact that we try to help everyone that walks through our doors,” Bobby says. “I love the amount of birds and other exotics that we get to see, and I also enjoy working with such a well-rounded staff. Everyone works great together!”

Bobby owns a Siamese cat named Calypso, a Calico cat named Mac, and a Brazilian Rainbow Boa named Iris. One of his earliest veterinary interests growing up involved breeding exotic reptiles. In his spare time Bobby can be found fishing, fishing, and doing some more fishing! It’s one of his favorite ways to pass the time.

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Aloha StaffSamantha Teague, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant, Samantha Teague, has been working hard to uphold the high standards of veterinary care and client services here at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital. Since joining our team in September of 2018, Samantha has been working closing with our veterinarians to assist them in appointments, during patient exams, and with anything else that is needed of her. Her favorite aspect of working with us is getting to interact with all the various species and breeds that come in to our facility, as well as being able to engage with their loving caregivers.

Samantha brings with her a friendly charisma and a willingness to help however she can. She is currently enrolled at Florida Institute of Technology for Marine Biology and has been working in the animal related field for over 6 years. Prior to offering her services at Aloha, Samantha worked as a Kennel Technician from 2012 through 2015, and then went on to become a Veterinary Technician and Surgical Technician at an animal hospital South Carolina up until joining us here in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.

When asked about working for Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital Samantha says, “I like the reinforcement of continuing education offered to the staff. I love learning new things and to have the opportunity to extend my knowledge in animal medicine and veterinary care.”

Samantha has three pets of her own, including a Husky/Spitz mix named Aloha, a Chihuahua named Reese, and a domestic short hair cat named Gil. Away from the hospital Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and the animals she cares for. One of the most comforting places to Samantha is the beach, and she loves being close to the ocean whenever she has the chance.

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Aloha StaffMeghan McInturf, Veterinary Assistant

The Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital team is happy to introduce Meghan McInturf! Meghan has been working with animals for over ten years. She is an essential member of our staff and she loves caring for her patients! As a full-time veterinary assistant, she helps make our patients feel comfortable and ensures that they are well taken care of.

Before joining the staff at the Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, Meghan worked several jobs that allowed her to take care of animals. She has been a groomer, barn manager, and worked with animal care and the scuba team at SeaWorld. She has also been a horseback riding instructor and tour guide, and a surgical technician for small and large animals. She is also an AQHA member, and encourages the education of safe horsemanship.

Meghan currently has three pets. Bella is a 6 year old Cur/Shepherd mix, Bullseye is a 16 year old Feline, and Norman the cockatiel (unknown age). She loves playing with her pets and relaxing at home with them! Meghan is also interested in photography, scuba diving and traveling. She is also currently working towards getting a teaching certification for yoga, another passion of hers. We are so lucky to have Meghan on our team to help care for our patients!

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Aloha StaffJessica Colón, CVT

Jessica Colón is proud to serve the patients at the Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital! She loves being a veterinary technician because it allows her to help the health and wellness of animals in our area. Her responsibilities include patient care, anesthesia monitoring, administering medications and vaccines, phlebotomy, placing IVs and catheters, and performing diagnostics. Her favorite part of the job is helping patients heal and making their experience as comfortable as possible.

Two unique attributes that she brings to the job are her patience and compassion. She is also level 3 certified in fear free training, because she understands that we have to take care of our patients bodies and minds. Jessica knows that emotional well-being is just as important as physical well-being. Compassionate team members like Jessica are exactly what makes Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital such a wonderful care facility for both patients and staff.

Jessica has an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology from Pima Medical Institute of Colorado. She loves helping her patients every day and making sure they get the best quality care! We are so lucky to have her on our team!

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Aloha StaffRebecca Simmen, CVT

Veterinary Technician, Rebecca Simmen, joined the Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital team in July of 2019. In this role, she is responsible for treating hospitalized patients, monitoring surgery and performing diagnostics. While working, she most enjoys her time spent one-on-one with patients monitoring their treatments and helping them improve. She holds and Associate's Degree from St. Petersburg college in Veterinary Technology and brings an eagerness to learn to her position.

At home, Rebecca has four dogs: Mack, an Old English Bulldog, Pynkie & Trixie, Chihuahuas, and Mikasa, a Beagle.

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Aloha StaffKatelynn Belter, Veterinary Assistant

Katelynn Belter is a Veterinary Assistant at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, where she is a daytime assistant for exam rooms. Katelynn joined our team in August of 2019. Her favorite thing about working at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital is making a difference in patients' lives. “I love to be able to help the animals and be their voice. I love that we have the tools and diagnostics to be able to give the best care possible.”

With over 12 years of experience in the animal field, Katelynn attended Manor College in Jenkintown, PA, where she received an associate’s degree in veterinary technology. In her free time, she enjoys fishing, playing sports, being outdoors, and hanging out with her family and friends. Katelynn has two dogs. Avalon a blue heeler and Ryleigh a collie mix. She also has 2 cats, Chai & Cooper, as well as 2 Guinea pigs, Caramel & Cookie, as well as fish.

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Aloha StaffTheresa Hutcheson, Veterinary Assistant

Theresa A. Hutcheson has been an overnight technician at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital since November 2019. Her responsibilities include monitoring patients' vitals overnight, administering medications, working with clients, and ensuring the standard of care provided is high quality.

The best part of her job is working alongside our team and treating our patients. “I like working at Aloha because I have the opportunity to work with such an amazing staff who genuinely puts our patients and clients above everything,” says Theresa. “Having the chance to work with such a dedicated team is truly rewarding and I believe will help me further my education in exotics and overall veterinary field.”

Theresa is currently enrolled in the veterinary technology program at Eastern Florida State College to become a certified veterinary technician. Outside of the hospital, Theresa volunteers her time at SPCA and is a member of the Veterinary Technology Club. At home, she has two cats named Kira and Kara. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, and going to the beach.

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Aloha StaffRoss Vineyard, Veterinary Assistant

Aloha Vet would like to introduce Ross Vineyard! Ross is a full-time Veterinary Assistant here at our office. He is responsible for directly assisting clients and patients during appointments, gathering health histories, determining the reason for your pet's visit, and assisting our veterinarians with all aspects of care! Ross is such a team player and we are so grateful for his hard-working spirit!

Before joining our team in January 2020, Ross worked as a Veterinary Assistant for 7 years! He has cared for patients at Clarkesville Veterinary Hospital and Chestatee Animal Hospital. Ross has several pets of his own including 2 cats, Cricket and Sela, and 4 dogs, Helga, Flash, Queen Elizabeth, and Mr. Bigglesworth! During his free time, Ross enjoys golfing, going to the beach with his family, volunteering, and following the Lakers. We are so happy to have Ross as part of the Aloha Vet family!

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Aloha StaffLisa DiFrancisco, CVA

Lisa Marie is a veterinary assistant at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital. She joined the team in February 2020 and is responsible for being an exam room technician, refilling prescriptions, answering phones, and obtaining vitals. “Aloha is a big and beautiful facility also known for being the best,” says Lisa Marie. “I love that we also offer grooming and adoptions. I also love that we get to see all types of animals besides your typical dog, cat, and bird.”

The best thing about her job is the puppy and kitten visits. As well as the wellness annual exams. At home, Lisa Marie has two Persian cats names Munchkin and Fuzzy Wuzzy. She also has a Dalmatian named Lola and a Great Dane named Chico. In her free time, Lisa Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. They like to go to the beach, playing outside, watching movies, reading, and online shopping.

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Aloha StaffJordan Tabor, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Jordan Tabor joined our team full time in April of 2021. Jordan is responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of hospitalized patients, administering medications, placing IVs, and applying feeding tubes. Jordan is truly a people person who can talk to anybody.

When asked why they love working at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, Jordan says they love the opportunity to care for exotic animals. The staff is so friendly and Jordan loves being able to use the advanced machinery here at the hospital.

Jordan has 10 years of experience working in the veterinary care field and has worked at several animal hospitals caring for animals in need. At home, Jordan has a hamster named Butternut! In their free time, Jordan loves being with family, going fishing, enjoying nature, and swimming.

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Aloha StaffNorah Mattice, CVT

Bio coming soon!

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Aloha StaffRiley Lucas, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant, Riley Lucas, joined our team in August of 2021. Coming in with four years of experience in animal related fields, she has completed an Associates degree through the North American Racing Academy in Kentucky. With a great work ethic and positive attitude, Riley enjoys seeing the vast variety of animals who come into the clinic every day.

“I love the work flow here and how smoothly we all work together,” she says.

Riley has a two year old Border Collie mix named Olive, and in her free time she enjoys finding inspiration in nature for her artistic hobbies: writing and drawing. She also loves catching sun rays and swimming at the beach.

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Aloha StaffSarah Kate Clark, Veterinary Assistant

Sarah loves helping to achieve the best possible support for your pets. With a degree in criminology and biology from Florida State University Sarah is attentive to detail and works incredibly hard. With over four years in the industry Sarah has multiple pets of her own, including several snakes, and a pet rat.

“I like working in Aloha’s positive and motivating work environment, the team is super supporting. I also enjoy the hybrid setting of the practice. I am excited to learn about exotic pet medicine as well.”

Sarah spends her free time painting, going to the gym, drawing, and spending time outdoors. She enjoys going on adventures, hiking, going to the beach, fishing, and vising the zoo and aquariums.

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Aloha StaffDustin Dodd, Veterinary Assistant

Full-time Veterinary Tech Dustin Dodd has over eight years of experience and is inspired by healing pets and watching them thrive. He’s responsible for assisting with room visits and running labs.

With his thoroughness during appointments and ability to make lasting connections with pet parents, he puts everyone at ease. Dustin says, “I adore the staff that I work with. I feel connected with everyone that works here and feel welcomed and loved. I love seeing the pets and exotics come in and see them get better.”

When Dustin isn’t working, he loves taking walks with his two dogs, a four year old Staffordshire Terrier named Brock and a three year old Dachshund mix named Murphy. In his free time, Dustin loves playing video games, exploring the Disney Parks, and spending quality time with family.

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Aloha StaffJamie Lee Kizer, Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Tech Assistant

Jamie joined our team in August 2021 as a Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Tech Assistant, assisting our veterinary staff with your pets. Jamie helps hold them while they receive care, cleaning and kennel maintenance, and adoption room management.

“I really like how the staff makes it enjoyable to learn and experience new things. The team is very outgoing and easy to work with,” Jamie says.

Jamie has lived on a farm working with animals for roughly five years and also worked at a poultry supply store, helping inform customers on raising poultry.

At home, Jamie has several pets, two kittens, Onyx and King Kitty, which she adopted from our kennel! She also has a fully grown cat, Chaos, and a dog named Chobee that they like hiking and camping with. Jamie used to breed carpet pythons and orb weavers as well, showing their ability to work with delicate animals. Jamie likes listening to music, hiking, traveling, swimming, dancing, and spending time with their pets.

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Aloha StaffIlyn Reyes, Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

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Aloha StaffCharles McDougall, Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

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