Support Staff & Receptionists

Aloha StaffKelly Grennan CVPM, Practice Administrator

She may be Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital's manager, but Kelly is also our "cheerleader" – keeping the staff focused and working together toward the same goals. She joined our team in December of 2010, bringing 21 years of office management and receptionist experience.

While maintaining the hospital's day-to-day operations, Kelly most enjoys Aloha's amazing staff and furry patients. "We are like family, we all care so much about pets and their owners," she says. "Our clinic is always growing and raising the bar with new, innovative medicine."

Kelly spends her free time camping at various spots throughout the state with her husband and children. Her family has six pets (plus some fish): two toy Poodles, Grace and Gaspard; a Shih Tzu, Woody; a Goldendoodle, Finn; and two cats, Cowboy and Baby Kitty.

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Aloha StaffPauline Saraka CVDT, Practice Manager

Pauline is our full-time Practice Manager and has been a part of our team since 1998. She orchestrates staff management, inventory control, internship coordination, and hiring coordination. Previously, Pauline was our veterinary dental technician from 1997 to 2014, but in 2015, she shifted to the Practice Management position. Her 23 years of experience in the animal-related field, combined with her incredible organizational skills, helps our practice exceed expectations and making their visit here one to remember.

"I have enjoyed working at Aloha for the past 20 years," Pauline says. "We believe medicine is a team sport and everyone is an integral part of the team. We really go above and try to exceed our clients expectations."

At home, Pauline has an 11-year old Maltese named Mia, a 14-year-old Quaker parrot named Edward, and three cats - Kazuto, Phineas Finn Finnegan, and Silica. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and going fishing.

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Aloha StaffSusan Montague, Receptionist

The staff and veterinarians at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital feel like family to Susan Montague, and it's not just because she's been our receptionist since 2000.

"It doesn't feel like a job to me, but rather an important part of my life that I feel so blessed to have happened upon by chance," she says.

Susan's responsibilities as a receptionist include checking patients in and out of the hospital, reconciling billing for hospitalized patients, scheduling appointments, and keeping clients and their pets comfortable while they wait to see their doctor. This all comes easily for Susan, as she is an expert when it comes to hospitality – holding a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from Kansas State University.

Susan spends her spare time with her two sons at the baseball field. She also enjoys going out to dinner with her husband, socializing with friends, traveling, and following Kansas State sports. She is a pet parent to two Shih Tzu mixes, Nick and Ritzy.

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Aloha StaffHeather Whitmire, CVA, Receptionist & Groomer

Heather Whitmire joined our team in April of 2003 and now wears many different hats at the hospital. Her role encompasses receptionist duties, keeping clients and their pets comfortable while waiting to see their doctor, assisting with examinations, and washing and clipping pets as a groomer. Heather has also been certified as a Veterinary Assistant and is recognized through the FVMA.

"I love being able to work in all areas of the hospital," she says.

At home Heather has two cats named Henry and Hattie. In her free time she and her family enjoy walks in the park, going to the beach, planting vegetables and flowers, playing football, and watching Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams games on Sundays.

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Aloha StaffMegan, Receptionist

Megan joined Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital as a receptionist in October of 2008. She is responsible for checking clients in, invoicing, answering incoming calls, and providing client communication.

"I enjoy meeting our amazing clients' needs and love working with our staff, who care deeply for our patients," she says.

At home Megan has a five-year-old Boxer named Sophie and a six-year-old Black Mouth Cur named Izzie. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, cooking, and traveling.

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Aloha StaffGabby, Receptionist

Greeting our clients and their pets to make them feel as comfortable as possible, especially in stressful situations, is what Gabby enjoys most about her receptionist position here at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital. Some of her daily responsibilities include assisting clients with checking in and out, greeting clients with a smile as they arrive, answering phones, and much more. Each day Gabby brings a positive attitude with a unique sense of humor to work, making her a joy to be around.

“Even if you have a bad day, it’s really not that bad when you work at a place that does everything they can to save lives,” Gabby says. “I feel like not many places go above and beyond for their clients, staff, and patients. I’m lucky to be working at one of the few that do.”

As a full time member of our staff since November of 2017, Gabby has proven herself to be a valuable asset to Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital. Gabby is a Certified Medical Assistant, and loves having a profession involving animals. At home, she has two dogs, Costa, a lab, and Hank, a German Shorthaired Pointer. In her downtime, Gabby enjoys going fishing, kayaking, scalloping, and anything else involving the water.

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Aloha StaffCrystal Jennifer Williams, Receptionist

Receptionist Crystal Jennifer Williams joined the team at our animal hospital in August of 2015. Her responsibilities include greeting clients, providing customer care, scheduling appointments, and answering our phones.

"If a client comes in upset, I like to make sure they leave with a smile," she says. "Quality and care mean a lot to our staff and clients."

In her free time, Crystal enjoys knitting, crocheting, making jewelry, hiking, biking, and bringing her children to the beach.

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Aloha Staff=Nina Schrage, Receptionist

Nina Schrage joined the staff at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital in January 2005, and has been in the animal-care field since 1992. Her job responsibilities include answering phones, scheduling, checking patients in and out, and educating clients. Nina is compassionate, caring and friendly, and her favorite part of the job is multi-tasking and exceeding client's expectations.

"I like working at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital because of the fast pace, the exotic pets we see and the unusual cases that come in," Nina says. "Our compassionate doctors and amazing staff all work well together and we consider ourselves more like a family."

At home, Nina has two Chihuahuas named Foxy and Poe, a golden retriever named Finn, a three-legged cat named Trip, and several snakes, chameleons and geckos. Outside of work, Nina enjoys kayaking, propagating a succulent garden, and spending almost every other free moment with her four grandchildren.

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Aloha StaffKeila Perez, Patient Care Coordinator

The youngest daughter of Dr. Pérez, Keila Perez joined the team at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital in March of 2007. Being bilingual, she is a great asset when it comes to providing top-notch customer service to our Spanish-speaking clients.

Keila's responsibilities include assisting our doctors with patients, answering incoming phone calls, helping with intake of patients, and serving as liason between doctors and clients. She most enjoys interacting with pets and our clients, as well as providing the best quality of patient care.

At home Keila has a Lab mix named Ellie and enjoys spending time with family.

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Aloha StaffTiffany Erickson, Receptionist

Since joining Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital in August of 2018 Receptionist, Tiffany Erickson, has show to be an incredible team member and asset to our clients and their pets. Tiffany is responsible for checking our clients and patients in and out of our facility, ensuring they come and go with all the information and resources needed. She schedules appointments and helps make sure that our doctors and staff have what they need to provide the best care and services to all our patients and their caregivers.

Tiffany exhibits a unique and unconditional love for the animals that come to our hospital each day. She has worked in the animal related field for over 5 years, having prior experience as a Kennel Technician, a Veterinary Technician, and a Receptionist. Her favorite aspect about working with is getting to interreact and be involved with our outstanding clients and their pets.

“I am honored to work at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital,” Tiffany says. “I am amazed every day at all the different areas of medicine that we can provide. There is so much education and passion throughout this hospital.”

She owns two dogs of her own, a Great Pyrenees named Mr. Biggles, and an Aussie Mix named Windy. In her down time, Tiffany enjoys doing anything outside. She is currently learning how to surf, and she has been loving every second of it. Tiffany loves everything about nature and finds peace when she’s outside. She also enjoys reading, spending time with her family and loved ones, and is a big lover of music.

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Aloha StaffLiz H., Receptionist

Liz is a full-time receptionist here at Aloha Animal Hospital. Some of her responsibilities include greeting clients, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. Liz enjoys interacting with our clients and assisting them through stressful times. She has 12 years of experience in the animal care field, working previously as a zookeeper, animal shelter manager, and shelter medicine technician.

At home, Liz cares for 8 pets of her own. They include 7 dogs (Sage, Reese, Remy, Topanga, Ranger Stella, & Xena) and her horse Maggie. Liz enjoys hiking with her dogs, horseback riding, kayaking, and fishing in her free time.

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