indian harbour beach pet hospitalYour Learning Facility

Here at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, we pride ourselves on being more than just a veterinary clinic – we are also a learning facility dedicated to helping new veterinarians learn and grow. We offer a robust internship and mentorship program right here in our building!

The mission of our program is to provide high-quality undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate educational opportunities in clinical veterinary medicine. Our program has been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association as meeting the standards of a high quality educational program. Very few programs received this accreditation, and we are very proud to have done so!

Additionally, our resident program is ABVP accredited. Veterinarians who are ABVP Certified have proven knowledge and expertise above and beyond what is required to practice veterinary medicine.

What is Internship / Mentorship?

While internships are not generally required for veterinary medicine, we believe this additional growth and learning period is essential to becoming a successful veterinarian.

During the internship period, interns will be supervised by our staff and will be given the opportunity to reinforce, extend, and refine their clinical skills, and enhance their diagnostic / therapeutic capabilities. Interns are trained and monitored by senior doctors at all times in an educational setting. Interns and residents also make rounds, similar to human medical doctors, and assist in the emergency department.

What Sets Our Program Apart?

At Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, learning permeates all that we do. Continuing Education, labs, and discussions are offered on a frequent basis to provide new information and skills for our technician staff, our doctors, our interns and residents. Additionally, our interns and residents visit our local veterinary technician school to give lectures and develop the new graduates to the industry. Our entire team is committed to staying current with advances in veterinary medicine and care.