Kennel & Grooming Staff

Aloha StaffKathy Lewis, Kennel Manager

Kennel Manager Kathy Lewis has been with Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital since February of 2014. Her responsibilities include overseeing our kennel team, providing quality care, cleaning up after patients and adoption animals, and assisting our veterinarians, technicians, and other management staff members in any way needed.

"We perform housekeeping duties to ensure a high standard of cleanliness throughout our facility and the grounds," she says. "I have much compassion and concern towards the patients I help care for, and I take this responsibility seriously."

Outside of Aloha, Kathy is a freelance artist, working in several areas- fine art, murals, face and body painting, costume and jewelry design, and various crafts. She has a cattle dog-Pointer mix named Ally, two parakeets named Huey and Louie, and two rescued wild blue-crowned conures named Duvall and Gaston.

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Aloha StaffMcLean Becton, Kennel Technician

Kennel Technician McLean Becton started with Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital in August of 2014. His responsibilities include walking our overnight patients, ensuring they are fed and have fresh, clean water, and helping keep the hospital clean. McLean most enjoys helping fellow staff members when they need assistance. He is currently enrolled in college.

During his free time outside of work, McLean likes going to the gym and beach and hanging out with his friends. He has one dog, a Shih Tzu.

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Aloha StaffLauren, Kennel Technician

Lauren joined the kennel team at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital in June of 2016. Her responsibilities include walking pets as well as cleaning and caring for them.

Regarding the staff at Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital, Lauren says, "They are like family. They are wonderful vets who care so much for our patients."

At home, Lauren has four dogs (a poodle and golden doodles) and three cats. When she's not at work, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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Aloha StaffTaylor Foster, Kennel Technician

Kennel Technician Taylor Foster began working at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital as a volunteer in August 2016, and is currently working part-time while studying at Eastern Florida State College. Some of her daily duties include walking pets, feeding and caring for boarding animals, feeding and caring for animals that are up for adoption, and facility maintenance.

“I love Aloha’s sense of teamwork and passion towards all animals.”

Away from the office, Taylor enjoys playing soccer and tending to her beloved pets. At home, Taylor is the proud owner of one dog, one cat, and one veiled chameleon.

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Aloha StaffFaith Ward, Kennel Technician

Faith Ward joined the Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital team as one of our kennel technicians, and since has been doing a great job helping to look after our boarding facilities. Her responsibilities include feeding & walking our kennel residents, housekeeping, and more, but the part of her job that Faith enjoys best is cleaning our adoption room.

Faith attributes a level compassion and responsibility that is quite admirable everyday she comes into Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital. She is currently enrolled in at Eastern Florida State College, where she hopes to further her education in the veterinary field.

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Aloha StaffMary, Groomer

Mary has been a valuable member of our grooming team for the past 23 years, having started with us in September of 1992. In addition to grooming, she is responsible for staying on top of monthly grooming supply ordering, confirming appointments, and keeping pets safe and looking good while in her care.

With her positive attitude and friendly personality, Mary has developed meaningful relationships with many of our clients and their pets. "I love my job, most people can't say that," she says. "I love our clients and love to interact with animals."

Mary has two cats, Finn and Allie, two parakeets, Largo and Mumbles, and four Beta fish. She is currently in the market for a dog to add to her pet family. Mary enjoys traveling to new places, browsing at garage sales and thrift stores, and anything that has to do with being outdoors.

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Aloha StaffCatrina McGeough, Groomer

With 17 years of experience, Catrina McGeough is one of Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital's dedicated groomers. She joined our team in 1998 as a veterinary assistant and has been one of our groomers since 2001. She holds an Associate's degree in Medical Assisting.

"I'm pretty keen on picking up on something going on with my four-legged babies," she says.

In addition to alerting our doctors to any medical concerns she encounters while grooming, Catrina keeps pets safe and healthy while in her care. She takes pride in helping her "clients' babies look and feel their best."

Catrina has two dogs, an eight-year-old Shepherd named Harley and a four-year-old Rottweiler mix named Jax; and a cat – Mr. Whiskers. She enjoys going to the beach, movies, spending time with her family, and creating beautiful holiday arrangements for the home.

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Aloha StaffKim, Groomer

With a degree in Fine Art, Kim has transformed Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital's grooming clients into works of art since 2003. "I am very creative and am always looking for new ways to improve," she says.

Kim most enjoys transforming rescued or neglected pets into "fabulous" ones. Her love of animal care extends beyond work hours, as she also foster kittens for the local shelter. She has one cat of her own, a colorpoint Siamese.

In her free time, Kim enjoys painting, drawing, DIY projects, cooking, music, Disney, and –of course- kittens.

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